Baby Signing Workshop: « All About Me »

Baby signing in BaselDiscover baby signing, a wonderful way to communicate with your child, before he/she can talk!

Babies and toddlers understand a lot more than we give them credit for, but they are often held back by their physical inability to talk. However, their ability to use their hands and fingers to gesture or form signs can enable them to communicate much sooner.

Through learning baby signing, babies are able to communicate more clearly with their parents and carers, avoiding frustrations and misunderstandings on both sides.

Additionally,  fine motor skills are enhanced, self esteem is increased, language and speech development is complimented, friends are made. And because these sessions are based around songs, everyone gets a big endorphin happy lift!

What to expect

This new session will focus on « All about me »: feeding, washing, dressing, nappy changes, nap time, bed time… They might feel like repetitive tasks for you, but for your baby they are the day to day foundations of learning about themselves and about the world.

The baby signing class uses gestures based on British Sign Language. It is a fun, social and educational activity for babies and their parents (or any carer, as it can be shared by all members of the extended family).

We use song, rhymes, games and toys to make each session a fun moment. There are also handouts and activities at home to help parents use the signs throughout the week.

It becomes easy to incorporate baby signing into your everyday life and to rapidly see the delight in your baby’s face as they enjoy the communication with you.

Practical info

➡️ Every Friday from January 17th to February 7th, from 10.00 to 10.45 am. Join the 4-weeks cycle and learn something new each time. Or come to individual sessions as a drop in.

➡️ Suitable for babies and children from 4 months upwards and also for two or more siblings together.

➡️ Price : 30 CHF / session or 100 CHF for the 4-weeks course. Price per family (ie no additional charge for siblings, grandparents, etc).

➡️ This activity is presented by Susie Atkinson. It takes places at the Magical Cafe. See address and map.

➡️ Places are limited ! Kindly register on this online form.


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