Children’s Second-hand English Book Sale

Make space, trade the used books your children have grown out of for new ones & support a charity!

Come browse for second-hand English children books during our big sale on:

  • Friday 25th October, from 2 to 7pm
  • Saturday 26th October, from 9am to 4pm (the Cafe will be exceptionally open in the afternoon)

Do you have children books you wish to sell ?

We look forward to helping A Step Ahead. We would normally take a fee of 0.50 CHF per book for administrative costs. But we decided to donate this money to A Step Ahead. So please help us keep the logistics simple and stress-free by respecting the deadlines :

  • bring the books you wish to sell at the Magical Cafe between the 15th and 19th October, during normal opening hours.
  • collect your unsold books between the 5th and 9th November, during normal opening hours. Or leave them as a donation for A Step Ahead.
  • collect your book vouchers by the 9th November.

Thank you for your help and understanding ūüôā

What does the charity A Step Ahead (ASA) do ?

ASA runs a literacy and English language learning program for children from favelas at Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. They also provide scholarships to children in desperate need to attend the daycare center.

About their program :

  • It teaches literacy skills from an early age and lays¬†the foundation for further success in public school. It also increases the likelihood that the child will finish school.
  • It offers older students insights into¬†the connection between education and improved employment prospects. And those¬†who participate in structured after school programs are less likely to drop out of school and more likely to stay¬†off the streets.

‚ÄčAn education that is relevant and purposeful has the power to change lives!

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