Connected & Contented

What do you get if you combine babies and toddlers with song and movement, yoga and massage, vocal play and baby sign language? You get connected and contented babies and parents, with a lot of laughter, cuddles, new ideas and fun activities to repeat at home.

Connected and Contented sessions supports parents or caregivers in meeting one of children’s fundamental needs – that of connection. We use baby sign language, touch and movement, listening skills and verbal play, wrapped up in music and song to help connections between adult and baby flourish.

Each session covers a mixture of activities, tailored to suit the age and energy levels of each child, including:

  • Baby sign language
  • Infant massage
  • Baby and toddler yoga
  • Songs, rhymes and instrument play
  • Dancing and movement
  • Serve and return” games

* * * * *

This activity is presented by Susie Atkinson. Susie is a qualified and experienced Baby Signing Instructor, Mother and Baby Yoga Teacher, Kindermusik Teacher, Baby Wearing Consultant and Child Birth Educator. She has been working with families in Basel for fifteen years and loves supporting and cherishing families as they grow and develop. Nothing makes her happier than watching babies and their caregivers blossom in their enjoyment of each other.

* * * * *

Practical info

➡️ On Friday mornings 09:45-10:30 at the Magical Cafe (Basel).

➡️ Sessions are suitable for babies and children of all ages, and for multiple siblings.

➡️ Price : 25CHF per family / session. Or book and pay for multiple sessions with a special price: 3 sessions 70CHF / 4 sessions 90 CHF / 5 sessions 110 CHF / 6 sessions 130 CHF.

➡️ Please register online here or contact Susie Atkinson via for more information.